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chanel paris-bombay pre-fall 2012 is a collection elucidating karl lagerfeld’s idea of india. the maestro of couture amalgamates the coco days of chanel & the ethnicities of a country dissimilar to his own to inexplicably fabricate timeless style. lagerfeld reveals “it’s all about refinements[…]most of the inspiration is from indian mens clothes [as] they’re easier to wear.”

fashion history 101: in ‘97, chanel acquired seven workshops: desrues, lemarié, lesage, massaro, michel, goossens & guillet — altogether accountable for the expertise behind the label. the annual métiers d’art show (i.e. chanel paris-bombay pre-fall 2012), is karl lagerfeld’s accolade to the craftspeople that make chanel happen.

featured in this post is photographic indication of the partnership of lagerfeld, the chanel atelier & the workshops. together they attest that “more is more when bombay takes on the classics.” (check out the henna printed gloves. did i mention the models walked the runway decked in henna printed hosiery?)

watch chanel paris-bombay pre-fall 2012 trailer here.


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